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Benjamin Curry

Professional Highlights

Microsoft C# & ASP.Net Framework

  • Completely redesign an end to end image, image manipulation, print and order processing software suite, to replace clients legacy product using WCF, WPF, integrating third party API's for printers and cameras all built using the latest C# 4.0 framework.
  • Integrate message queue architecture (RabbitMQ) into WCF webservices for off park image and transaction recovery for both website redemption and business reporting.
  • Analyse poor system performance in Hotels4U architecture. Design, code and test changes in C# to eliminate crippling bottlenecks, (50% response time improvement).
  • Integrate 3rd party API's into core Hotels4U, EIBS, Picsolve & ICT applications using custom interfaces. Ensure robust error handling and where necessary thread safety (e.g. Multicom, Google, Dolphin Flight Scanner, Epson, Motorola, Canon).
  • Write modular elements for applications using C# ASP.Net. Elements added new functionality and had the requirement to be licensed to clients. (Easysite Modules - Show Scheduling, LGNL importer, Polyheirarchial catagorisation).
  • Make extensive use of new language and framework elements (C#, ASP.Net) in applications where appropriate (e.g Generics, Lambda Expressions, Dynamic keyword, Default Function Parameters, Geospatial Types, SOAP to WCF).
  • Use XML schemas (wsdl's) to ensure Hotels4U Web Services conform to industry standard request/response message structure (OTA - Open Travel Alliance), including full message validation.
  • Work with other developers to help build a new distributed caching architecture using the Ketama algorithm (consistent hashing) in C#. This greatly reduces the overhead of traditional caching architecture by helping to eliminate cache clears when a node becomes unavailable.
  • Take ownership of complicated remote deployments (in Dubai) ensuring new software releases work as expected and could be rolled back with minimum downtime liasing at all times with onsite staff.
  • Investigate and prove new Geospatial SQL 2008 data types suitable for use with the Hotels4U.com architecture in relation to longitude & latitude based accommodation & attraction based searches.
  • Work with other developers within Hotels4U, EIBS, Picsolve & ICT to ensure efficient and error free code using Buddy and Agile programming methodologies.
  • Write technical documentation for API's including UML based flow diagrams and give assistance where required. Work with other developers to ensure understanding.
  • Expand on EIBS's API to allow customers the ability to write their own plugins & controls for use within the EasySite CMS application (e.g. East Riding DC location based login & menu) (C# & ASP.Net)
  • Use Microsoft SQL server to expand on existing EasySite application with new module developments (e.g. Show Scheduling). Build new 'Asset' system for use in Fitness First allowing fast document upload & retrieval. Write new polyheirarchial categorisation system for use within the EasySite application (for use with local government taxonomies LGNL/LGSL).
  • Write leak free code using C++ for use in POS terminals interfacing directly with Lambda Business Systems AWACS application using supplied API’s (used in Commercial Warehousing).
  • Control software releases using relevant source code repositries, ensuring that software deployed was sandboxed from other volatile development work.

OOD & Analysis

  • Scope hardware and software requirements for imaging project, predict and account for future growth and scalability across multiple servers for redundancy and data integrity.
  • Analyse client requirements and formulate solutions based on product and expected behaviour (e.g. EasySite workflow, EasySite multilingual support, EasySite show scheduling, ICT dynamic packaging, Hotels4U flight integration, Hotels4U architectural improvements, Picsolve Kiosk & WCF solutions).
  • Ensure code extensibility and ease of reuse for future requirements, ensure use of encapsulation to reduce the amount of duplicated logic in the codebase.
  • Ensure as new technologies become available that their benefits are analysed and applied (e.g. C# Generics, Lambda expressions, SQL Geospatial data types).
  • Use UML to support proposals such that the flow through client applications can be proven before undertaking code changes.

Art/Design & Graphics

  • Ensure a crisp and professional look to website graphics, Where necessary create new pieces (ICT, Fitness First & Mammoth Micro).
  • Ensure new user controls & pages give the user the most expedient journey through an application. Ensure that the number of user interactions are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Use available typesetting applications to ensure a neat and pleasing layout (Quark express, Adobe Illustrator & Microsoft Word).
Main Skills
  • Microsoft C# 1.0 - 4.0, Microsoft ASP.Net 1.1 - 4.0
  • C, C++
  • HTML 4+, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, Pascal, Delphi, ASP, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, WSDL, ASMX, SOAP, WCF, XSLT, XPath, Regex, SharedCache
  • Subversion, SourceSafe, TFS, TortoiseSVN
  • Agile Programming, SCRUM, Extreme/Pair programming
  • SQL 2000 – 2008, MySQL 4+, Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, postgresSQL 9 - 9.1
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net (All versions), Microsoft Visual C++ 6, Borland C++ Builder 3-5
  • Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/CS, Quark, Director, Flash
  • Log4Net, NUnit, Selenium
  • Jira, Atlassian (for project management and bug/issue tracking)
Employment History
Contract Web Developer Hotels4U.Com (Thomas Cook), Picsolve, Fitness First, Mammoth Micro Mar 10 – Present
(8 Renewals)
Web Developer EIBS Ltd, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Oct 06 – Mar 10
Web Developer Ilkeston Co-op Travel, Ilkeston, Derbyshire Mar 04 – Oct 06
Web Developer Media Hut Ltd, Colwick, Nottinghamshire Aug 03 – Mar 04
Analyst Programmer & Contract Worker Polestar Ltd, Mansfield, Nottingham, Nottingham City Hospital, Nottingham, Lambda Business Systems Ltd, Oxfordshire Jul 01 – Aug 03
City & Guilds of London Institute. C++ (Distinction) London 2002
BSc (Hons) Computer Science (2.1) Portsmouth University, Portsmouth, Hampshire 1999
3 ‘A’ Levels 10 GCSE’s Mildenhall Upper School, Mildenhall, Suffolk 1996

References are available on request

About Me

I am a contract software developer specialised in using the Microsoft.Net framework and the C# language to build solutions for both clients and personal use. I have been using this technology since late 2002 after I migrated from extensive C++ use, preferring both the syntax and direction I could see the technology taking.

I have a good many interests outside of my career, I enjoy technical scuba diving with my wife having gone diving in South Africa, Egypt, UK, Cape Verde and the Maldives to name a few and currently am qualified as a TDI Extended Range diver.

I collect and paint miniatures (e.g. http://www.coolminiornot.com/116343), my interest (like a great many others) started with Games Workshop but has since diversified into other areas (Studio McVey, Andrea Miniatures, MERCS...etc), i would describe myself more of a collector than 'gamer'.

I try and stay fit as I can, I run and walk the dog as much as possible, and when I can I regularly try to swim having once competed at a junior level.

In addition to these I enjoy movies (District 9, Leon, Full Metal Jacket..etc), music (Linkin Park, Prodigy, Alter Bridge, Jamie Cullum), computer games (anything from Valve or Relic) and have a fledgling interest in home entertainment gadgetry.

Career Aspirations

I have been contracting for various clients since early 2010 and in that time I have found the contract work market both technically challenging and varied. Ideally I would see my career progress such that I can complete more work for existing and new clients.

I envisage more projects where I would be able to bring to bear my considerable knowledge of Microsoft's C# & ASP.Net framework in no particular industry (despite my long running relationship with the Travel sector!)

Whilst my current aspirations are contract work based I am pragmatic and like never to say never! If I was to be tempted back into a permanent position it would be in a more senior role where I would be able to take technical lead on a new or existing project. My experience means that I am well suited to leading a team, or working in isolation as needs arise.

Web Examples

Below is a selection of websites that i have had a hand in creating. This includes both front and back end coding using the technologies outlined in my skills section.


Benjamin Curry

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Benjamin Curry

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Benjamin Curry

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